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Optivu has established in 2005, with our own developing brand to marketing the country, and has long been a visual inspectionof image processing and automation pioneer.After years of effort and hard work in the semiconductor industry, the mobile phone manufacturing industry, LED Manufacturing industry, academic and researchfield, it now have a good reputation. Our main products include automated optical inspectionof IC, LED, mobile phone keypad and other visual inspection machines. currently our customers are TSMC, ASE, SPIL, Chipmos, PTI and other semiconductor manufacturers, we will also extended our base to mainland China and Southeast Asia, with innovative technology, follow market trends, research and development of various industries detection problem, care of service and product quality, to enhance the value of customers' products.

After the meager profit era, automated inspection has become the necessary way to enhance the competitiveness of company. Thanks for the advancement ofscientific and today’s technology, automated vision inspection system has been even better than the manual detection and more importantly, the required cost has been greatly reduced. We can design and develop for customized automated visual inspection machine, image processing hardware and software equipment to satisfy required. Our goal is to make Hardware act speedy, diversification in each industry, and software have better consistent function, simplify interface, and reached automatic visual inspection standard. By holding this concept, withthe accumulated experience and achievement of machines performance also continuous product improvementto obtain customer satisfaction.